Moon over Sedna characters

The way the photos are used is this – they’re not part of the story itself, though the names are. They are just pics from the net to give me [and you] an idea how to describe them as the story goes on.

The Conduits


From top left, clockwise: Dean Freeman, Susan Robinson, Roland Parris, Jane Curtis, Jay Richards, Jacinta Lefage

The Retirees at the Lake


From top left, clockwise: Aubrey, Sophia, Daniel and Dara

The Sirens


From top left, clockwise: Teles, Raidne, Molpe, and Thelxiope

The housemates


Left: Antal, from Hungary, not completely legal resident, Joyce, who took pity on her

Characters unrepresented in images

Mike Brown, CIT, Pasadena, discoverer of Sedna in 2003, Joel Parris, AP, Susan Hobbes, Reuters, Maxim Schemkoff, Pravda, journalists from 2009