island-sidebar-picA former dotcom boom trader buys an island with what he’s salvaged from the wreckage, taking his secretary along as a sort of farmer’s wife … they work hard and eventually have the place a going concern.

That’s not really the issue – it’s not only shadowy government departments with their greedy eyes on what lies beneath that island who are the problem … it could well be that person beside you in your bed.

Notes on this story are HERE

Dark Logic

dark logic for front pageShe sighed. ‘It’s all horrible, truly. The really sick things, from eating bugs to drag shows … the whole nightmare. It’s always trust or don’t trust. I lost my brother through trusting. Jeanne lost her sister, you lost those two you sent on.’

‘The constant treachery … that’s how they wear us down.’

“If you left this room, Lee, went to the loo … the thought would be in your mind that the pleasant person you thought was your friend would pick up that phone and that would be it …’

Notes on this story are HERE

Short stories

These vignettes on various themes from my Russian days until the present are of variable quality, roughly between 6000 and 12,000 words each, no longer here but at the end of the link.

Text and Images

Images, sorry are not for reproducing in case they infringe copyright, they’re just to give readers a rough idea of each character. Any dispute, I’ll take an image down of course. Text can be quoted as you wish. 

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