Two novellas

trust-270 x 170A former dotcom boom trader buys an island with what he’s salvaged from the wreckage, takes his secretary along as a sort of farmer’s wife, soon they’re in way over their heads – it’s not only shadowy government departments with their greedy eyes on what lies beneath that island.

Whom can you trust? Depends whose side you’re really on.

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When all you have left after Deception by former friends is each other and your Maker, it’s probably time to branch out into new ventures, especially when an idea comes out of the past.

When the heavies move in though, taking advantage of the west falling apart, have you really improved your lot in life?  Or have you become just like Them, trying to survive in their sick new world?

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These two stories are novellas in themselves but I suppose form a duology, now they’re done.  Throughout my semi-fiction, there’s always been an attempt to avoid traps with the main 3D protagonists – traps like Mary-Sues, Wonderwomen, Supermen and the opposite – kickbutt antihero cads and bitches. 

They’ve always been ordinary people with strings to their bows embarking on projects, only to find themselves faced with stacked decks, utter corruption and the need to rely on each other, particularly males and females in synch. And they grow as a result, after some brutal times along the way.

You might call that fantasy, I call it doable, because I’ve seen it working in RL.

While the male protagonist has counterparts in film and TV and so is easy enough to write, the female is a type who’s largely disappeared today or who’s gone to ground – she’s maybe the land girl of WW2, the Bletchley Park lady, the girl for all seasons who in no way takes a backseat and yet knows her strengths and limitations, just as he does.  Once they’ve gone ‘woke-narrative-free’, they both realise they can’t do without the other, nor should they.

Five short stories

From 6000 to 12,000 words, they’re just vignettes on single themes from my Russian days until the present, first four are now redacted, am currently [Mar 19, 2021] working on the fifth which starts in the Gulf Shores area of southern USA and goes who knows where?

This book is designed to be read on a device like an ipad, vertically. No images are for reproducing, they’re just to give readers a rough idea. These two come from Aronico and Εγγραφή. Text can be quoted as you wish. The island in the photo is Nautilus Island, Maine and again, just gives a rough idea.